Help @ Home

Parenting has never been harder than it is today. Every generation of parents has been faced with new challenges. Our society’s increased access to information, people, and technical devices is arguably the most daunting challenge to come along in a very long time. Technology is constantly changing our world and most recently, our educational system. As a parent, supporting your student in the digital age can be stressful, problematic, and exhausting. It can even be difficult to find help especially when you don’t always know the right questions to ask.
Introducing Help @ Home
The goal of the Help @ Home project is to help parents become better connected with their student’s digital lives. Sign up and you’ll receive a weekly email with relevant information on modern-day parenting as it relates to technology, education, and Generation C. Some sample topics to be covered include:
  • Digital citizenship
  • Security and Privacy
  • Trolls, hoaxes, and scams
  • Filtering and monitoring technology use
  • Social Media & Instafamous dreams
  • Disconnecting (Healthy tech diet)
Help @ Home seeks to teach parents how to become a resource for their student(s), instead of a roadblock.
Sign Up

Help @ Home is free and is available to anyone. While the project is currently being sponsored by the Chagrin Falls Exempted School District, you do not have students in the district to sign up for this weekly communication.