10 Educational Apps for Families

educational apps for kids

Guest Post by Edna Bell

10 Educational Apps for Families

Teaching kids is not an easy task. Given that they have an exceptionally impressionable mind, it is essential that teachers, mentors and guardians keep educational material handy such that they teach the right things in the right manner without misleading them with incorrect information.

Given that technology has enhanced accessibility too much, it is only logical that parents use smartphones and systems to teach and educate their kids. Be it pre-schoolers, high school kids or even middle school, having digital systems in hand helps a lot. It is fun, interactive and useful in a plethora of ways. A private tutor, Singapore based, could be expensive. In such cases a digital application comes handy.

But what are these applications that can be used by parents and kids alike?

There are a few applications that you need to pay for. However, there are several free learning apps which can be downloaded from the application store such that you and your child have a fun time learning.

Funbrain Jr.

Interactive websites are the best way to keep your child engaged. It could be videos, audio files, worksheets, games, pictures, stories and everything playful. It keeps the kids hooked for ages and helps them learn in a productive way. Parents who have pre-school goers, this is one ideal option.


Building spatial reasoning skills, design skills and interaction is something kids look forward to in general. Poptropica is a game like application which allows your kids to learn and grow by building fictional characters and stories. Avatars and amazing stories, what else do you need to keep that baby engaged?

Amazon Kindle

Kindle has singularly changed the way world looks at reading books. It could be for your adolescent kids or even fairy tales for your nursery-going kid. Kindle has an amazing collection of books which can inculcate the habit of reading in your child.

Class Dojo

We spoke about virtual learning being a hit among kids. Bring it home with Class Dojo. It is helpful for students and parents who want to keep a track of the learning schedule and progress. As a positive reinforcement program, it is intended to keep everyone on their toes and communicated.

Cram.com Flashcards

How do you remember things the most? Only when you have seen them over and over again. Flashcards are instrumental in teaching everyone using visual instruments and Cram.com helps in achieving exactly that. With over 75 million flashcards, you can make learning fun for your kids.


Did you know learning multiple languages enhances cognitive skills? Learn a new foreign language with your child and enhance their learning capabilities.


Math is one difficult subject. Says everybody who doesn’t have Dragonbox application available. Clear out those mathematics fundamentals with the help of Dragonbox. That inclusive of Geometry and Algebra!!


Improving student involvement and educating them in multiple subjects, this application helps your kids with their assignments as well. Students can stay connected with their peers and have a virtual group study session.

Phonics Ninja

Listen to a new word, learn it, record it, understand it, and try it out loud. That is what Phonics Ninja is focused at. Isn’t it a great and fun way to teach your kids new words and the pronunciations?

Pocket Code

If your kids are interested in learning the basics of computer programming or even basic programming logic, a visual style guide is helpful. Pocket code focuses on teaching young kids the beauty of making things come alive through coding. Clearly, this is meant for high school kids who are grown enough to comprehend the nuances of the same