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Guest Post: Mollie Porein

It’s incredible just how much technology has advanced in the classroom these days. The 20th century classroom used to consist of perhaps two or three computers in the computer lab and the greatest technological feat outside of this would involve a projector, but now, there is technology in all aspects of the classroom and the internet is a huge part of it too.

Because there is so much technology available, parents of students will definitely ask some questions about the internet and its use. There will be a lot to answer on the importance of technology and the internet. Here we will look at some typical answers that you might encounter.

1. Answer: “I use the internet because my students tend to prefer technology.”

A variety of studies have found that kindergarten and high school students prefer to have technology incorporated into their classroom and curriculum, especially coupled with the internet. Students are very comfortable with computers, smartphones, tablets, and a variety of other educational tools. Students that use these tools are also happy using them with others, even kindergarten students, so it makes sense that they are used within the classroom and that the internet is harnessed on them to improve the education.

2. Answer: “I use the internet as it can help support my teaching.”

A survey undertaken by PBS has found out that teachers prefer using supportive technology in the classroom. There’s a lot of different websites, online tools, learning games, virtual tutorials, videos, apps, and learning materials online that can help students learn and help teachers teach. A vast plethora of digital materials can help both students and teachers to have the best classroom environment possible, allowing students to learn effectively from what’s available online.

3. Answer: “I use the internet to allow students to find the answers for themselves.”

Students want a sense of independence, especially children, so this is where the internet can come in to help facilitate independent learning experiences. Many kids are familiar with using the internet to get answers to questions, so this can be harnessed in the classroom environment, allowing teachers to give the chance to their students to search for the answers themselves. The teacher can teach students how to access quality information that is reliable – this is a skill that everyone needs to have.

4. Answer: “I use the internet to help spice up the learning environment.”

Most students out there are highly familiar with a blended learning environment with a variety of sources including information from both textbooks and online resources. Spicing up a learning program can prove to be stimulating for students. There are other advantages to this course of action too – submissions can be done online and schools can cut their costs by getting a lot of free online materials instead of heavily investing in specific textbooks. Students are very likely to enjoy the benefits of online learning in the classroom, using the internet to become essay writers, mathematicians or artists – whatever the class dictates.

5. Answer: “I use the internet to help create a mobile working environment.”

Parents may not think it, but mobility is highly important in the classroom and learning environment. Businesses all over are catching on to mobile ways of doing things and so are the teachers and students who use the internet in the classroom. Today’s classrooms are becoming ever more adapted to using the internet and a mobile way of doing things. Mobility is key to learning success – students need to be taught soft skills and encouraged to do research independently.

6. Answer: “I use the internet to help parents easily check on progress”

There is a surprisingly large amount of tools out there that can help with discipline and progress checking. Many administrative packages online can sort out students’ work, help get it graded and check individual student progress. These sorts of packages can also help parents become informed about their child’s progress so that they can better apply parenting to facilitate their child’s learning experience.

7. Answer: “I use the internet to support my lesson plans.”

Technology is allowing for lessons to be more easily and effectively organized online. Recent surveys from PBS have found out that over 70% of teachers agree that online technology allows them to better plan and reinforce their lessons. Learning trends, curriculums, and lesson plans can be easily created via online tools. More and more teachers are supporting this growing trend and are eager to use online tools to curate their lessons – it’s hardly surprising given that the internet has so much good that can be taken from it.

8. Answer: “I use the internet to provide student engagement.”

There are so many excellent online learning tools available out there. Research has shown that a lot of these learning tools are great for boosting student engagement, even with social media tools. Just picture, for example, a kindergarten song performed via an online video with bright colors and fun animals doing the gestures – you can see how this kind of content would work wonders for children.

9. Answer: “I use the internet as technology is ever emerging and necessary to learn and teach with.”

It is true that society is becoming more and more tech-savvy. Technology is simply everywhere and the internet is a part of everyday life, so it needs to be taught in the learning environment. We’re always online to look at ways of educating ourselves, for example, with step by step guides or the latest information. It would be ludicrous if students were not aware of the internet and how it can be used effectively. Students in previous decades that have not had much of a technological focus may not have needed to learn about technology as much and it would have proved very expensive to get good technological tools or the internet access in the classroom, but this is the 21st century and the internet is everywhere.

The internet can be used to search and locate the most reliable information in the shortest amount of time. Students need to know how to use it to become responsible citizens in our digital world.

10. Answer: “I use the internet because there is so much information on it.”

Does the phrase “Google it” mean anything to you? There is just so much information online, so it’s important that the internet is used in classrooms in order to deliver the most up to date and reliable information to students, removing the fake news and irrelevant material.

The Internet Is Important

One would be mad not to notice the importance of the internet in society, but that doesn’t mean that parents may not have concerns. Hopefully, this article has presented enough answers to the question of why it is necessary to use the internet in the classroom that can help alleviate some worries that parents may have about this modern technology.


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