7 Helpful Online Tools For Teachers

Classroom with tech

Guest Post by Laura Buckler

The internet technology has seeped into all aspects of our lives. Education is no different – gone are the days of drawing complex diagrams on a chalkboard. Classrooms are no longer limited to a physical room in the schools; instead today you can teach a student all kinds of subjects and skills even if they are hundreds of miles away from you.

As an educator, employing technology to make learning easier and a fun experience for the students can go a really long way. Today, let’s have a look at 7 online tools that will take your teaching to the next level.

  • Moodle
    Moodle or Module Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is a free open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers and students to create custom learning environments. Moodle focus on enhancing the usability factor of e-learning as teachers can design their own courses with customized lessons so that the students receive the most suitable content.

    Features like rewards, leaderboards and easter eggs mean that students remain engaged with the course. Moodle also scores high on accessibility as it is available in over 100 languages.
  • Cacoo
    It is much easier to learn concepts when they are presented to the recipient in a visual context which is why teachers often make use of flowcharts, graphs and other visual representations. Cacoo helps you make this much easier as Cacoo is a cloud-based online flowchart and diagramming tool where you can collaborate with your students and create expansive and highly detailed flowcharts using simple steps.

    With features like revision history, commenting, multi user editing, and third-party integrations, Cacoo will make learning new concepts a breeze for you students.
  • Engrade
    As a teacher, you often have to take multiple classes. Tracking all the small and big things from each class can often be a organizational nightmare. Engrade can help you better manage your classes and the daily activities that come with being a busy teacher. Engrade offers a comprehensive product stack that allows teachers to primarily manage grading and other student-related tasks on a single platform.

    It can also be used to track details like student attendance among other things. Feature like “Easy Export” make Engrade one of the most sought-after tools for teachers in the United States.
  • Scholar Advisor
    An important role of a teacher is also to equip the students with the tools and resources that might help improve their academic skills and performance. Keeping that in mind, our last entry is not targeted towards teachers. But it is all about helping students become better scholars. Scholar Advisor is a comprehensive platform where students can get a host of information ranging from how to improve their essay writing to how to ace interviews for their first jobs.

    Scholar Advisor offers information neatly organized into various categories like “Writing Tools”, “Courses”, “Essay Samples” among others. The Scholar Advisor blog which is regularly updated provides additional information to the students so that they have all the tools required to become successful students. Since its inception, Scholar Advisor has gained steady popularity among students and teachers alike. Next time your students quiz you about how to improve their essay writing, feel free to recommend them this amazing platform.

  • ClassDojo
    ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that allows educators to communicate with both the parents and the students. It allows teachers to track student behaviors and then reward them inside a gamified interface of the application. This interactive way of instilling good behavior also makes the students more receptive and obedient as unwanted behaviors attracts penalties as set by teachers and parents.

    The application also allows teachers to create detailed reports which they can then evaluate with the parents and take necessary steps required to ensure harmony in the classroom. Due to its innovative approach towards learning, ClassDojo has been widely recognized by experts and continues to be very popular among modern educators. 
  • Prezi
    Ah, one can’t think of a semester bereft of presentations that feature tens of slides being flicked one after the other as you dig deeper into a concept. Prezi completely understands this and hence offers teachers to create, display and share presentations like never before. Based on familiar concepts of Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi takes the conventional approach and gives it a more modern touch by enabling you to “zoom in” on the presentation slides.

    Instead of “flicking” slides one by one, Prezi allows you to focus on minute details on each slide which opens up the possibility of a deeper discussion in the classroom, as demonstrated by this video that dives deeper into this particular aspect of Prezi.
  • Kahoot!
    After all the learning is complete, it is always better to be able to assess how well your students have understood the concepts you have taught them. Kahoot! Is all about this – it is a game-based learning platform that allows teachers to create customized tests and multiple-choice questionnaires. Initially designed as a social learning tool where students can gather around a whiteboard and participate in the tests, Kahoot! has evolved to include features like trivia games, social screen-sharing and formative assessment capabilities.

    As of 2017, Kahoot! has reportedly gotten funding in the realm of $27million which means it will only get better and more feature-rich as the time passes.


Technology, especially internet, has been a great boon for us. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it to help your students. Education is no longer limited to physical interaction between the teachers and the students. Several online tools such as the above enable teachers and educators to impart their wisdom to the students and help them become well-rounded member of our society.   Let us know what online tools you prefer in the comments below!

Laura Buckler is a contributor and a blog writer with powerful leadership skills. She believes in creating an environment where people can feel safe and stimulated to grow. She aims to recreate the same atmosphere in her articles. You can follow her on Twitter.