8 Best Organizational Tools for Teachers

Organizational Tools for Teachers

Guest post by Oscar Waterworth

Organizational Tools for Teachers
Contemporary education is no longer restricted to classrooms. Teachers are not the only sources of information nowadays. Due to the upsurge of cutting-edge tech innovations, modern students often find out about their subjects from various online sources. These trends change teachers’ roles in their everyday work with students.

Instead of demonstrators and lecturers, present-day teachers become organizers, tutors, and supervisors of the learning process. In order to increase their efficiency, they can use a wide range of practical organizational tools. We have selected the most convenient ones to help teachers improve their work organization.

Online Storage Tools

Google Drive

The supreme tool for many professionals, Google Drive can come in handy for teachers as well. For instance, you can use it as your central online storage place. Furthermore, save every single handout, test or any other school-related document on your Google Drive account. Moreover, the photos and videos of your school activities or educational trips can also be kept here. Whenever you want to allow your students to access these materials, simply share links with them. Say farewell to endless printing and paper-stacked file cabinets and welcome this practical online solution for storing school data.


Many people find using USB flash drives tiring. Instead of keeping and transferring loads of data with a USB, a modern teacher needs to find a better solution that will enable them to access their data online. This is where Dropbox enters the stage. This tool allows you to store up 2GB of data for free. For instance, when you are having a meeting with parents, you can connect your classroom projector to your laptop and hold them a presentation on your students’ next trip directly from your Dropbox folder. What is more, it is extremely useful for gathering different educational resources and exercises so that you can easily share them with your students.



In some cases, communication is the most important factor of class organization. Teachers who want to keep up to date with their students’ desires, wishes, and plans should use Remind. It is a free tool, available both for Apple and Android users. This solution enables teachers to use text messaging to stay in touch with their colleagues, students, and their parents. For example, Remind comes in handy when you are discussing organizational details on some school celebrations or travels, as well as fund-raising events. However, bear in mind that you need your students’ mobile phone numbers to put this app to practice. Therefore, ask the parents for a permit to collect them.


When you need to deliver an online message to a large number of students, Facebook is the most convenient platform. Create a group for your class and add all your students to it. Again, there might be some security and privacy issues, so first talk over this idea with parents. There are two alternatives to adding students as your Facebook friends. The first one is creating a group that will include parents. The other one is just to make and moderate a group, but not befriend your students on Facebook.

Moreover, you can add different links to any websites valuable for your syllabus or provide students with any information regarding their school schedule.

Project Management

Active Collab

Sometimes, teachers need to advance the way they plan and run their classroom activities. If you want to keep your projects organized and support team work in your classes, Active Collab is the perfect solution for achieving those goals. Available both for iOS and Android devices, it will help teachers track their students’ progress and contributions to their projects. Apart from that, you can also plan your activities to every single detail due to its user-friendly calendar feature.


No matter how much we like our educators and tutors, there’s one characteristic that applies to most of them – they’re forgetful people. They work with hundreds of students daily, so it simply goes with this type of work. If you recognize yourself in this description, you should add the Any.do app to your organizational toolbox. You can use it to make your daily or weekly to-do lists of your school obligations. Also, it’s possible to customize your tasks to your personal preferences. Finally, it can be used on both iOS devices and Android devices.

Socialization Enhancers


Working with students does not only refer to teaching, but it also has an important social function. As a matter of fact today, this role of teachers is even more important than mere lecturing. So, you should work on bonding with your students, as well as on establishing their mutual social connections. The most practical tool for this purpose is Twitter, i.e. making a Twitter group hashtag. On the one hand, you will encourage your students to express their ideas with a limited number of characters. On the other, they will get an opportunity to be amusing and witty, which is something every teenager likes.


A combination of some Facebook features and educational apps, Edmodo is a great solution for teachers who want to let every student speak their mind. This tool allows you to make different groups, which is a great function when you are organizing competitions or working with students who fall behind. Moreover, you can also spark some interesting discussions on the main wall, as well. Additionally, parents can also register on Edmodo, so that you can include them in some educational activities. While it provides you with convenient features for online socialization, this tool does not have distractors, which is often a problem with Facebook.

Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve

Teachers should use modern tools in their everyday work. However, do not overload your students with too many options, since it will frustrate them and they will lose interest in using those solutions. Choose only a few tools, but use them frequently so as to advance your teaching and introduce modern technology to your classroom.