Web Wednesday, Oct 5th – ShoutKey



URL shorteners are a fantastic way to take a really long URL and shrink it into something manageable. The only problem is that the URL shorteners themselves don’t always create the easiest link to type. For example, I was giving a presentation this weekend and was yelling the URL out to the crowd, character by character.  It did make getting to my presentation easier, but we still spent quite a bit of time getting everyone there.

Someone in the crowd suggested I use ShoutKey.  ShoutKey takes a URL andtemporarily shortens the link to a random word from the dictionary.  Instead of yelling out random characters to your audience, you can simply tell them to go to Shoutkey.com/pumpkin, Shoutkey.com/kitten, ot Shoutkey.com/ whatever random word it assigns you.  This made sharing my presentation with the people in the room soooo much easier.  One thing to note though. Your ShoutKey will expire after a set time limit.  You set the limit, but the most amount of time is 24 hours.

ShoutKey’s slogan is “Share URLs with a shout”.  It couldn’t have been easier and I’ll never given a presentation without it again.