Web Wednesday, Sept 28th – TabJump!

Weekly Tech Tip

Weekly Tech Tip

Tab Jump

The ability to open multiple tabs in a browser was a huge breakthrough in web surfing in the early 2000s. While it fundamentally changed the way we browsed the web in a good way, it also lead to a few new frustrations. For example, how many times have you looked up to realize you opened 30 tabs while hunting for the best deal online and now you can’t even find where started from because the tabs are all crammed across the top?  Or when you accidentally close a tab when you didn’t mean to and lose what you were looking at! ARRGGHH! This is a pretty common one for yours truly.

TabJump is here to help.  This nifty little Chrome extension keeps track of all the tabs you have open. When you click on it, it brings up all your tabs in an easy to read view so you can quickly find the one you are looking for.  It also has an “undo” button that will allow you to re-open tabs that you recently closed.  TabJump even groups tabs by how they are related to each other.   This extension is an incredibly handy time saver!

Check out Tab Jump! on the Chrome Web Store!