Web Wednesday, Sept 21st – TeX / Geoboard


TeX equation editor allows teachers to easy create an advanced equation using the online editor.  Once the equation is created, the educator is provided with a short link to embed an image of that equation within a Google Doc, a website, or anywhere else online.   Students cannot solve the equation online, but this is still a useful tool when designing content for the math classroom. This online editor can also be used for chemistry, physics, and statistics.  I include a sample formula I created on the site below.

The second tool is an online application designed specifically to look at shapes, angles, and other geometrical ideas in the elementary classrooms. Using Geoboard, students can start with a square, rectangle or circular board.  From there, they can drag colored strings between pegs on the board to forms lines, shapes, charts and more.  The app is easy to use and engaging for those young learners.

Check out both TeX and Geoboard on the Chrome Web Store!

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