Web Wednesday, Sept 7th – Lazarus

Web Wednesday

This week’s Web Wednesday has saved me quite a bit of time and frustration since I began using it. Everyone has dealt with this issue at least once in their life. You are filling out a form online, you’ll hit submit only to find that you didn’t fill in all the fields, you didn’t type something correctly, or the form itself just crashes.  The result is that you have open the form and start all over again.  It can be a real headache to have to fill out all those fields again because of one simple mistake or typo.

Lazarus is a phenomenal Chrome extension designed to save you from the frustration of retyping everything.  Once you’ve loaded Lazarus into Chrome, it keeps track of the information you type into each field.  When a problem occurs, you simply open the form again and click the Lazarus symbol to re-populate the entire form with what you just entered.  That’s it!  I’ve tested this extension multiple times on multiple forms. It works as expected every single time.

Check out Lazarus Form Recovery on the Chrome Web Store!

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