Social Media As A Learning Tool

Social Media Learning

Social Media Learning
Guest Post by Jessica Freeman

The Benefits of Studying Using Social Media for Learning
Take a moment to contemplate this question: how has social media affected your life? Is your social life different? Do you rely on things like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks whenever you need up to date information? Have you ever found relevant articles or even some fun memes to share through social media ?

Everyone’s life has been impacted by social media. Students, in particular, are practically dependent on the information they find through these platforms. They help them find the answers they need; they get informed about assignments and projects, and they create private Facebook groups that serve as study groups. Do you know a student who doesn’t use social media? If you can think of such person, you’re aware they are only a rare exception from the rule: everyone needs these tools.

Modern technology, no matter how criticized it is, makes us more connected and more literate. Are you surprised with the literate part? Well, let’s go through a list that proves how all students can boost their learning potential through social media.

The Benefits of Social Media for Learning

Social media has changed the educational processes in many ways. Here are only few of the benefits students get by using these platforms in the right way:

  1. Great Career Connections

Fun fact: 92% of recruiters are using social media to find great candidates for the open positions. 87% of those recruiters rely on LinkedIn. If you still don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the perfect time to create it and start making connections. You can’t wait for the recruiters to find you without offering anything in return. With LinkedIn, you get the perfect opportunity to market yourself as a great candidate. Even if you don’t have enough working experience as a student, you can list the internships and the important projects you’ve worked on.

Don’t forget about other social media platforms, since they can also bring you closer to job opportunities. Make your profiles look as professional as possible. You don’t want a potential recruiter checking out your Facebook and Twitter profiles, only to see shares from 9GAG posts.

Wait; we were talking about the benefits of social media for learning, right? Well, in that context, social media teaches you how to connect with potential employers before you even hit the job market.

  1. Education for Just About Everything

Sure, you can follow online courses through Coursera and other online services that provide educational materials, but you can make things much simpler if you follow all those pages on Facebook. Here are only two of the many educative pages you should like:

Brain Pickings
An awesome blog that delivers a great deal of intellectual content from different niches. Follow it on Facebook and you’ll get enough information in your feed to impress your professors on a daily basis.

Refine the Mind
A page that reminds you of the greatest wisdom of all times. You’ll find philosophical excerpts, and images with quotes that are truly inspiring. You know, not like that Paulo Coelho stuff that gets shared with the speed of light, but really awesome quotes that can expand your point of view.

  1. Help with Studying

You don’t know how to handle the workload for a particular exam? Why don’t you create a private group on Facebook and invite people to join? You can all share notes, tips, and insights about the upcoming exams.

If you’re stuck with an academic writing project, you can follow the Facebook and Twitter profiles of essay writing services, such as Australian Writings. These agencies can literally save your grade when you’re stuck with a paper.

  1. News

Do you know a student who buys a newspaper each morning and starts the day reading it with a cup of coffee? So boring! You can still have that cup of coffee and read the news in the morning, but there’s a much cooler way to do it: through social media.

Your feed can become a great collection of news. Make sure to pick authoritative pages to follow, and be very careful with the way you process the news. Not everything you read online is true, so double-check your facts before sending them deep into your memory files.

Social Media Has Changed the Way We Find Information

Most students would agree: it’s a good change, too! They have direct access to the information they need in real time. They we can connect with people and pages that make the learning more engaging. Moreover, social media prepares students for the process of finding a job after graduation. They can start making professional connections while still working toward a degree.

Author Bio: Jessica is passionate about content writing and journalism. She finds her calling in making others interested in topics of education, essay writing, and modern technologies through her freelance work. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.

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