Engaging Parents Through Technology

Engaging Parents
Guest Post by David Mitchell

Technology can be introduced in classrooms to develop a better connection, interaction and communication between students, teachers and parents. Introduction of modern technology in today’s classroom would be beneficial for everyone. The modern technology presents everything realistically and exclusively. There are several ways through which technology can be used to provide a realistic learning atmosphere to students. According to education experts at SolidEssay, it can help teachers engage with parents and update them about their children’s proceedings. It also aids teachers in connecting directly with parents and involving them in educational seminars and meetings for betterment of education in schools and benefit of students.

Mass texting is one of the most beneficial traits of modern technology. Services like Remind offer a secure, one-way, mass text messaging system, innovatively designed for use in educational purposes. It is a free way for teachers to text parents and students. It is a replacement of traditional modes of mass texting where everyone is allowed to see each other’s phone number. Remind keeps every data and information secure and no teacher, student or parent would be able to crack a number. It keeps one’s personal number secure and private. Parents and students do not need an account and can instead sign up by simply sending an email or text message. The system is quite simple and messages can be easily scheduled.

ClassPager is an advanced tool innovated and designed under educational technology. The system can be utilized to engage students and connect with parents. Students can be engaged with exit tickets, polls, event reminders, etc. via ClassPager. ClassPager lets parents and students utilize their own devices, which include computers, laptops and phones. These devices can be utilized by students and parents to respond to surveys specifically organized by teachers. The response can be generated via simple text messaging.

Using Twitter and Skype to connect with parents

Skype is a simple but utility free tool, which can be used in several different ways in the classroom. Skype is efficient in connecting parents and teachers regardless of the regional distances. Live video conferences can be organized for parents who are unable to attend meetings and events due to work load. Skype has a proficient network, which can be used to connect with military families who live far from the mainland city. Twitter is another simple medium to keep parents and students updated about exam schedules, any changes made during exams and event schedules. A simple class account on Twitter can help the teacher connect with parents and students.

Setting up an educational blog

Setting up an educational blog would be highly beneficial for students, teachers and parents. A class teacher may set up a blog and ask parents to follow it. Since many utility layouts for blogs are available, there can be spaces for individual students’ works as well. You can introduce some lessons over the blog and organize online exercises for students to be solved. This will save printing and paper costs and students would be able to take the practice exam at a scheduled time and the work will get submitted to you automatically.

Using applications in the form of educational technology

Teacher App and Grade Book is an application available on Google Play Store. It usually acts as a portal for teachers, parents and students. The application includes a messaging system (class-wide, individual or school-wide), grade book, assignment and grade notes, absentee notices, attendance records and many other utility features. Introduction of technology in a classroom would prove to be highly beneficial for improving teachers’ direct interaction with parents and inform or keep them updated about their children’s progress in academic spheres. Hence, progressive educational technology must be utilized in today’s classrooms.

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