Time Saving Apps

Time Saving Apps

Time Saving Apps
Being able to keep up with all your classroom activities is never an easy task. The frequency of assignments, complex college life, and stressful exams are all the things that take their toll on your health and affect your productivity. Luckily, there are plenty of tools that streamline all the aforementioned tasks and help you stay organized. Some of them deserve a mention here:

After slogging days and nights in writing your research paper, you have finally completed your project and now you feel too stressed to do the referencing. Worry not! This cool tool by Easy Bib allows you to do your entire referencing thing without breaking a sweat.

This tool enables you to do the referencing in MLA, APA and Chicago style. In addition, it enables you to take notes and gather research materials. It is known for its speed and accuracy.

Created for Apple users, this app is your virtual assistance to keep your organized. If you are poor at remembering things, then 30/30 will notify you about all your important engagements. No matter if you have important meetings or events in the pipeline, 30/30 will keep note of everything and it will inform as the date approaches.

Google Calendar
As its name suggests, Google Calendar is a brainchild of Google. This fantastic app allows you to schedule your upcoming meetings and appointments so that you do not miss even a moment.This app is known for its simple interface and fast processing. Using this app, you can easily manage your time and pace your life to befit your work commitments. With this app, you can create multiple calendars and view them simultaneously.

When it comes to collaboration, no other app can match the performance of Basecamp. No matter if you are a school teacher or student, you can easily manage your entire resources on this tool. Using this tool, you can manage deadlines, tasks, and assignments that you can share with others. With Basecamp, you can reduce the hard work that goes in working on a project and increase the productivity.

No longer do you have to waste your time on long and tedious discussions as you have everything at the tip of your finger.

Google Docs
If you haven’t starting use Google Docs yet…it might finally be the time to hop on the bandwagon. Google Docs is yet another cool app by Google. In simpler words, it is your MS-Office on the go and its functionalities are no different. No matter if you are a school kid or a university student; you can easily put up your entire documents on this application.The tool also comes with smart editing and styling tools that enable you to easily format the text. In addition, you can also create multiple files and share them with your network to enhance collaboration.

No other app can offer you a better way to organize than TrackClass. With this productive app, you can get reminders of your work, make notes of classroom lectures and keep track of your grades. With this intuitive app, you can line up each of your academic tasks while you stay busy in your studies. The good thing about this app is that it is available for free.

Task management gets easier with Any.Do. This app empowers you to synchronize your projects, chores, and to-do lists so that you never miss any of your work commitments. You can access all your files on a desktop computer or mobile device. Apart from organizing your academic work, it also manages your entire personal commitments. In addition, it allows you to take part in group discussions as well as share files, lists and any type of attachment.

One of the most widely used educational tools, Pocket is a special mention in this list. This wonderful app makes it possible for students to save their entire research materials in a cloud space that they can view later.  With this app, you can save anything directly from your browser or any other application. Once you store something in Pocket, it will be on your phone or your computer. You can view all these files without any access to the internet. How cool is that!

Do you have a habit of messing up with lists? Then this app should be the next item in your educational toolkit. Wunderlist allows you to manage your all lists related to your academic work or personal errands. It simplifies your dealings with daily tasks as you have everything available on the lists. You can keep everything in this fantastic and you can start living a life free of the hotchpotch of lists.

Organizing your academic chores is no longer a distracting task. With this great app, you will know about your urgent deadlines and important tasks without interrupting the class.Now you can keep each of tasks in place to avoid any delay. This app is particularly helpful for studious students who have to juggle lecture and assignments.For those time-deprived students, this app will turn out to be a savior and it will give them a reminder every time they will face an urgent deadline.

This is yet another app to help organize and become more productive as a student. But what exactly makes it stand out from the rest? Well, it is a versatile app that features range of options to enhance your productivity.

From its innovative interface that allows you to view each of your individual work engagements to its multi-view options that enable you to filter any activity in terms of its availability, you can perform several actions to keep yourself up-to-date with your academic life.

Dropbox is a substitute for students who are not comfortable with Pocket. Just like its competitor, this tool offers students to save all their important data in a cloud storage that they can access later. Unlike Pocket, Dropbox can be integrated with almost every web browser and operating systems. You can also use this tool to easily send audio and video files to any of your fellow classmates.

MindMeister allows you to draw and edit any idea that pops into your mind and you want to share it with your class mates. With this tool, you can easily share mind maps and folders from your account. You can even spice up your mind maps by adding boundaries, colors, icons and themes.

Voxer empowers you to add text and sound to your mates. So if you hate missing important points during a lecture or find it difficult to note the nitty-gritty details while attending a discussion, you can turn on the Voxer and let it do the job.

Once you are done with the work, you can send your information to your classmates. You can even send the files in the form of videos and photos. You can also integrate this tool to a smartwatch.

Nothing can better describe an app than this name. RescueTime literally saves you from the embarrassment of delays in projects and helps you catch up with your work in no time. No longer do you have to miss important deadlines as you will have RescueTime in your work toolkit.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned apps will help you organize inside and outside the classroom. If you know more apps, let us know in the comments section below.


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