assessment tools for teachers
Whether you teach in a classroom or online, quizzing your students and testing is a great learning experience for both you and your students. These tools can help you save a lot of time that is otherwise spent on grading and writing feedback for each student, manually. You get an in-depth analysis of the paper; quizzing online saves paper and it is environment friendly. There a number of ready to use unique test templates and we can go on and on with the many benefits. Thus, for now, take a look at these assessment tools for teachers that are helpful and convenient for you.


Assessment Tools for Teachers
This is an online tool that provides quizzes for free. It has upgrade for an additional fee. This tool is compatible with any browser. This tool provides only three types of questions and you can use one of each for a test. Other options such as branding, randomizing of questions and feedback are all paid features. Since this is an online tool, you will not be able to import for export your questions. There are many paid advertisements on the page which can be removed for a fee.  You will have to register to use it tool, but unregistered users can also use it, although, with a fee.

What 2 Learn

Assessment Tools for Teachers
This site offers games on many subjects such as social studies, math, and arts.  These games come in the question answer type; like a quiz. Students do not have to register to play any of these games online. For teachers, this website offers many templates so you can build your own games, using them as a starting point. Your game will be reviewed after 24 hours; you can pay a fee to get your game online instantly.

Quiz Slides

Assessment Tools for Teachers
This is a tool that uses multiple choice questions for your test and it’s a web based platform. It is   easy to use. You can create your own tests but you will need to use PowerPoint. The user interface is attractive and the quizzes are also interactive. This is because each quiz encourages students to “answer until correct”. You can choose the test format to contain negative marking or otherwise, as well. These quizzes are timed and you can download the results on a spreadsheet. This tool is compatible with iPad and other touchscreen devices as well.

Jeopardy Labs

Assessment Tools for Teachers
Now, here is an assessment tools for teachers that that does not require you to pay a fee; you don’t have to register or use PowerPoint to upload your quiz. You can create your own game of Jeopardy or select from the many templates already available for you. These games start as early as Kindergarten. Other users can use the games you created as well. To save your created Jeopardy game and to keep from other users from editing what you made, you will have to enter a password before you begin.


Assessment Tools for Teachers
This is an interesting tool that uses flashcards for tests. You can create your own flashcards to have the students learn; from different levels, basic to advanced. This tool prompts more flashcards until you get the right answer. The writers from EssayDot (highly) recommend using this tool as the flashcards help in long-term memory. You can get creative and add more features to your flashcards; features such as explanation, or links to make it an exhaustive, yet interesting study. You can join groups to either create more flashcards or to study them. Caution: You will find advertising on the website.


Assessment Tools for Teachers
This online tool is very easy to use. You can either make interactive quizzes to be played online or use the quizzes that are already made, and select them by subject. This testing tool has one very innovative feature — you can upload your quiz, assign it to your students, and get scores. All the core subjects are available for quizzing — including drama, math and law. The online quizzes here have characters that keep students engaged and make the quiz interactive. This is a UK based website so there will be some minor differences in spelling and/or pronunciation.

Quiz Revolution

Assessment Tools for Teachers
Using this tool for quizzes will give you immediate feedback and will also help the students to know where they stand. The quiz gives the students the right answer instantly. There is a practice quiz before attempting the actual one. However, each quiz that is saved you will have to pay a nominal fee which can be very expensive.

So which one is your favorite assessment tools for teachers? Did we miss any other free testing and quizzing tools for teacher? Comment below.


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Assessment Tools for Teachers
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