Web Wednesday – Magisto




In this modern digital world, there were 1 trillion photos taken last year alone.  We’re on pace to surpass that number by a large margin in 2016.  Photos are cropped, touched up, connected and shared every second of every day.  Its no surprise that there are thousands of apps and editors available to manipulate these images.

Magisto is a chrome extension for those folks who want to create a professional looking video with just a few clicks. Once you’ve installed the app, you simply upload your photos or videos into the Magisto platform.  From there, you select a theme and a soundtrack.  Magisto will do the rest!  The result is a well designed video that you can easily share.  The downside to Magisto is that is more of a wizard than an editor.  In other words, you don’t have many options in terms of editing the video.  The app does most of the work by building it for you.

This is a fantastic, quick to use option for things like an end of the year slideshows or sharing a retrospective of the year with your parents and students.

Check out Magisto on the Chrome Web Store!