Web Wednesday – Adobe Slate


Adobe Slate

Whether its a daily lesson, research project or review session, teachers are always looking for new ways to present content.  PowerPoint, once a classroom standard, has been replaced by tools such as Prezi, Haiku Deck, and Google Slides.  Even those tools have gotten a little “stale”.  Enter the newcomer, Adobe Slate.

We reviewed 21 presentation options last year, but none of them had the unique look and feel of Adobe Slate.  Slate is a free web based application that allows users to display their content in a sleek, responsive way.  Instead of the traditional horizontal style, this Chromebook friendly site includes the ability to show text, links, images, photo grids, and videos in a top down approach. Prepackaged themes ensure that the finished product has a modern, well designed style.

There are two downsides to Slate though.  Users need to create an account to get started and are unable to use an existing Google sign on.  The second issue is that the presentations can be shared with anyone, but they are not collaborative by design.  There’s only one author to each Slate.

Take some time to play with this fresh take on presentations.