Web Wednesday, April 20th – Turn Off The Lights

turn off the lights chrome

turn off the lights chrome
Turn Off the Lights

We’ve already looked at how videos can make a huge impact in the classroom. This week’s Web Wednesday, our weekly tech tips for teachers feature, is a lightweight Chrome extension that can enhance those videos.

Turn Off the Lights helps to keep your student’s attention by fading the entire screen except for the video. In turn, the video is the clear focal point while things like ads, suggested videos, and other distractions are blacked out. Students (and teachers) love the distraction free environment this nifty extension creates. This free extension includes a host of additional features for customizing your viewing experience.  For example, you can opt highlight the edges of the video which is great for younger learners.  NightMode switches the color scheme of a webpage to make viewing easier in a poorly lit room.  Autoplay, camera motion, speech recognition and so much more.  Teachers can even have individual settings for each video site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

Turn Off the Lights is a one click, easy to use extension for creating a distraction free viewing experience for your students.


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