Web Wednesday, March 2nd – Voting Tools

Voting Tools for Students

Voting Tools

In the spirit of Super Tuesday, I thought I would offer up some tools you can use to allow students to have a voice in your classroom.   You can use the tools to create online polls with ease.  All of these tools are free!  Once you create the poll, simply share the link with your students and watch the results in real time.

  • Updwn.co – An up and down voting system similar to what you might see on Reddit.
  • Upvoter.co – Similar to Updwn, but it include the ability to add links.
  • Easypolls.net – Another option, but this one include quite a bit of poll customization.
  • List.ly – Create and share lists with the classroom or list community.  Great for getting crowd sourced feedback.
  • Doodle.com – Awesome tool for polling people on their availability when trying to schedule a meeting or event.
  • PollEverywhere – Similar to the others, but people can vote from via text (sms).  You can even integrate this right into PowerPoint.

There are hundreds of options when creating an online poll.  These are just a few of my favorites. Take a few minutes to check each of one out and then let me know your favorite using this poll I created!