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Google Forms Alternative

Google Forms Alternative
Google Forms have become very popular in K-12 in recent years. They are fantastic for collecting data ranging from formative assessments to parent volunteer sign ups. While they are easy to create, Google Forms do have their limitations, especially when it comes to the type of questions you can ask.

A Typeform has the same ease of use, but with far more options than a Google Form. These forms might be better suited for building initiatives, parent surveys, or event registrations as opposed to your standard day to day classroom use. You can choose from question types such as “Picture choice, statement, and file upload.”   With a Pro account, you can even collect payments through Stripe.  After you’ve created your form and distributed it to your audience, Typeform provides you with metrics and reports can provide you with insights into the data you’ve collected.

If you’re looking for a Google Forms alternative or simply a different way to gather data, Typeform might your answer.

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