Learning Tools for Students

Learning Tools for Students

Learning Tools for Students
Learning Tools for Students

The Internet is a great resource for teachers and students. Beyond just providing the means for students to access valuable pieces of information and other details, there are also a wide array of great tools that students use to further gain knowledge and to get higher marks in schools. Some of these tools are offered for free while there are others where you have to pay a certain fee.

Here are some of the best tools for students that you can find online:


The official website of Scholastic is an online selling platform where you can purchase various educational materials for different grade levels. Depending on the subject, you can easily find the material that you need. Apart from the products that they offer, the site also has great resources where you can access the video gallery. Through the gallery, you can watch videos about training and development, author talks and a whole lot more.


When purchasing materials that students can use at school does not have to be expensive at all. By accessing the website Educents.com, you get to enjoy amazing deals and save money. The site makes it easy for you to purchase affordable educational materials for various grade levels. You can simply select among the different subjects including reading, writing, music, science, history, foreign language and art to name a few.


Powermylearning.org is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to utilize technology in order to help students succeed. What they do is they partner with schools belonging to communities in the lower income cluster. The organization provides programs and services which include professional development for educators as well as family engagement. When you access the site, you get to use various resources for educators, parents and students. From building classes for educators to monitoring class assignments for parents, the site is home to very useful resources.


Through this website, children can learn many things in particular how they can protect the wildlife resource and how they can contribute in protecting the wildlife. There are various programs where students can participate and they are trained to acquire certain knowledge and skills that can help them understand more about biodiversity and how they can contribute and make a positive impact. Children can also access various curriculum resources related to environmental conservation and biodiversity.


Using study guides and strategies are essential for students. Through these materials, you can learn a lot of things. One of the best sites that you can find where you can access a lot of study guides and strategies is studygs.net. The site is home to a wide array of materials that you can use for learning, studying, reading, research, memorizing, writing, etc. Educators can also use the site since it also has materials for teachers.


Mindtools.com provides a broad range of resources and materials for career development. Through their online training, students can learn from experts and people who have gained extensive experience in their respective fields. The site offers thousands of training resources that you can use to be more productive and effective. You can access articles, podcasts, custom pages, personal learning plans and monthly reporting among many others.


There are times when you simply need professional help in finishing your essay or any other type of academic paper. A-writer.com is a trusted writing service provider that you can depend on. The site specializes in different writing services from essays to thesis. Students can have access to affordable writing services. One can just place his order online and pay for the paper.


Aside from learning at school, it is also crucial for students to gain knowledge beyond the corners of the classroom. Volunteerministers.org is a website where students can learn more about ethics and morality through the different programs and online resources that they provide. With their site, students get to access a wide variety of tools that they can use to know more about life and how they can do well not just in school but in communities where they belong.


If you are looking for a powerful learning management system software, Atrixware.com is the perfect resource that you fan use. It has been used by companies and other organizations. When you access their site, you can use the different resources that they provide. There are lots of interesting videos, materials and other online resources that you can use for training and learning.


Saylor Academy is an open educational ecosystem where students and other individuals get to access educational resources as well as utilize learning technologies. The site is home to projects including open courses for maintenance and learner-centered improvements to open credentials for adding opportunities. They offer various resources for a wide array of courses from biology to professional development.


Study Guide Zone is a great resource site not just for students but even for professionals who have to take tests. This website can help you prepare for exams as they give you simplified and effective preparation materials that you can use pass your exams. If you are looking for guide and preparation materials for business, financial, medical, undergraduate tests, etc., you have come to the right site.


The site provides quality content that is specifically created to help students. Through their software, students get to have engaging content where they can enjoy animations, nice graphics and other creative and educational materials. The company offers educational solutions for different grade levels.


Acquiring more knowledge is essential nowadays. Students need to acquire IT skills. Knowledgenet.com is a website where students can have access to various courses like Cisco, VMWare, Microsoft and other IT training courses.

Guest Post by: Amy Cowen
Amy Cowen writes about all things related to education and students’ life, but her main passion is technology and different tools. You can find her providing assignment help at Aussiessay or career advice to students.