Improving Student Writing Skills

Improve your writing

Improve your writing
Guest Post by: Julie Petersen

Writing is a timeless skill. Unfortunately, not everyone is a naturally gifted writer. Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic edtech tools that can help you improve your writing and build your skill set. Here are a few of the best tools out there.

  1. Write to Learn

Write to Learn is an online literacy tool that helps users improve their writing skills. When you write into the program, your writing is automatically assessed based on content, not just grammar and spelling. You can also take part in some of the planned writing activities to get personalized feedback on your writing as well as helpful tips and tricks to inspire you to keep practicing.

  1. Readable

Readable is a readability test tool. You simply copy and paste your content into the website and it gives you a ranking on the Flesch Kincade reading scale, as well as a Flesch Kincake grade level. For instance, you might get a grade level of 10, meaning that people in the tenth grade can understand your writing. While you don’t want your writing to be overly simplified, you also don’t want it to be too structurally dense. It’s good to aim for a grade level of about 7 or 8.

  1. Ask Petersen

Ask Petersen is a resource predominantly for ESL speakers, but everyone can benefit from the content. The site features great articles about productivity, writing, researching, and studying.

  1. Thesis Generator

Have you ever stared at your assignment for hours, completely at a loss for what to write for a thesis? Fear no more! Thesis Generator will help you consolidate your thoughts and come up with a solid thesis and main arguments.

  1. CustomWriting

The following writing blog and helpful infographics can help you gain better writing skills. You can then practice these skills by entering their quarterly essay-writing contest. If you’d like, you can also hire the writers to edit or proofread your paper, so you can be sure it’s of the highest possible quality.

  1. Write Room

Write Room is the answer to all of your prayers if your prayers are about finding a way to eliminate distractions while writing. The website offers a zen like setting where you can write without the distractions of other files or open web browsers to lure you to Facebook or Twitter.

  1. NoRedInk

No Red Ink is a platform that teachers use to easily and efficiently grade their students’ assignments. It’s beneficial to students because they get immediate, customized feedback on their writing. Instead of just getting a letter grade, the student will be able to see which specific parts of their writing need improvement.

  1. Grammar Gorillas

Grammar Gorillas is a fun little online game for kids. The simple premise is that kids need to identify the parts of speech in order to feed bananas to the hungry gorillas. Over time, students will gain a better understanding of grammar rules.

  1. BestEssays

Best Essays is a custom writing service for students and professionals. The website features an impressive collection of sample essays. Read through the various samples (book reports, research papers, essays) to improve your own writing and see what bad habits you might be forming.

  1. Evernote

Once you start using Evernote, you might wonder how you ever got along without it. Think of it as an office that you keep in your phone. Evernote can help with your writing skills because you can write on the go, whenever inspiration strikes.

  1. StoryBuilder

Story Builder lets anyone create stories and share them with the online community. Write your story, and add a photo or video. The site sort of reads like a mass combined blog, with storytellers in all genres sharing their voice and opinion. It’s a great place to practice and find inspiration.

  1. Vocaboly

Vocaboly helps you build your vocabulary so you can write more persuasively and effectively. The website has won multiple awards and boasts the ability to prepare users for the GMAT and GRE tests.

Online tools are becoming more prevalent, and considering their tremendous value, this is good news for you! Seek out a few of the resources on this list to start improving your writing skills today. You never know where they might take you tomorrow.


Author’s bio:

Julie Petersen is a language tutor, a freelance writer and a content marketing specialist. She is running her own essay writing blog AskPetersen where she shares valuable tips, guides and samples to help students improve their writing skills. Check one of her latest blog post about Grademiners.