Best Educational Tools Literature Teachers

Best Educational Tools for a Literature Teacher

Best Educational Tools for a Literature Teacher

Guest Post by Laura Jonson

Maybe you are a literature teacher yourself, or maybe you are a student looking to improve your own learning and teaching process. No matter which category you fall into, these tools will help.

Plan Board

This app is free for individual teachers. It allows you to plan your day in an orderly but visual fashion. It is based on the corkboard and pinned notes idea, and it is visually formatted in a similar fashion. It is obviously a planning tool, but is also useful as a productivity tool. You can find a couple of useful productivity apps on the College Candy website if you are interested in improving your productivity further.

Fun Brain
Having your students play learning games is a rather lazy way of teaching, but then there are some students that find any form of work boring and would rather pick their scabs than look at your textbooks. These are tools for either younger students or students at a foundation level that are lagging behind the rest.


Remember when you were training to be a teacher and you had to learn about adaptive learning? Here is a website and tool that helps you personalize online learning content for each and every student. It is a little easier to implement adaptive learning if you are teaching an online class because they can tailor their lessons based on the metrics you get online and their test scores.


It is a shame that this company charges you money to use the tool, but if you have money to burn, or if you can convince your bosses to add it to the budget, then you may make your own videos to help you teach your classes.

Need examples of good essays, bad essays, and proofreading markup? You can get it from the AssignmentMasters website. It is also handy if you have a lot of proofreading markup to do for your students and you cannot be bothered–you can send it to the people that work for AssignmentMasters and allow them to do it for you.

Study Sync
They have a nice size of a library with over one thousand classic and contemporary texts. It is probably not as good as the library your college or university offers, but it is handy if you are an online tutor. They offer weekly writing practices, online writing courses and peer reviews. They have standards-based assignments assessments, multimedia lessons and flexible instructional modes. Sadly, and as you may expect, they want a lot of money for the use of these tools, so it is probably not worth it for independent teachers unless you have deep pockets. If you are teaching for a college or university, then see if they can fund the tool out of their budgets.


Speed Reading Tools
Here is the scenario. Your college or university has insisted that you read the newsletter every week, but it is boring and you want to get it over as quickly as possible. Or, you are required to read a new text, but you are having time fitting it into your busy schedule.

There are speed-reading tools out there that you can use to get through text far quicker than you may do usually so long as you focus and concentrate while reading it. The idea is that your brain is able to read far faster than we allow ourselves, so these tools simply hurry you along. Here are four of the better ones.



This is a speed-reading tool that has a very nice and comfortable reading interface. It is made by a highly immoral company that uses NLP to sell its products, but so long as you only use the free products such as the speed-reader then you will be fine.

Zap Reader
This is another speed-reader that is almost exactly the same as the Spreeder tool, except they are not trying to sell things with naturalistic programming. It is easy and simple to use. It may be handy for the simple fact it is quicker to get to and use than the Spreeder tool.

This is a speed-reading tool that has a few more settings you can play with to create a speed-reader that suits you. It has different options that allow you to speed read in your own way and in a different manner to how the first two speed-readers allow you to read. The other tools highlight a single word and have it pop up, but with this tool, you can see whole sentences and have one or more words highlighted as the tool moves onwards. It is handy if you keep losing track of what each sentence is all about when you use the other tools.

This is an integrated speed-reader that you can use with Internet web pages, and it also integrates with the iOS and Android. It also comes with other reading recommendations.


Laura Johnson is a creative writer and English literature teacher. She writes on educational topics. In the future she is going to launch her own blog dedicated to learning issues.