Web Wednesday, February 3rd

Wideo Tech Tip for Teachers

Wideo Tech Tip for Teachers
Sites like YouTube and Vine are some of the most popular sites in the world, especially with students.  That tells us that students today really like videos.  We’ve talked before about some great video creation websites such as WeVideo, PowToons, and Animoto.  This week’s Web Wednesday is another fantastic tool for creating high quality “wideos” to add to your toolbox.

What I like about Wideo.co is that it allows your students to add a variety of elements to their video that other services may not offer.   For example, you can add animated clip art, backgrounds, and voiceovers.   You can add buttons that link out to other websites or forms to collect data.  The system is simple to work with.  Students can easily create a good looking product in a short amount of time.  The downside to Wideo.co is that while they do have quite a few free features, some of the more advanced options require an upgrade.  For example, a “wideo” can only be 60 seconds without an upgrade.  It also cannot be downloaded without that same upgrade as well.

It’s a cool site to check out, even with the potential cost going forward.


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