14 Tools for Effective Classroom Collaboration

Guest Post by Hannah Lewis

Classroom Collaboration Tools
14 Tools for Effective Classroom Collaboration

Classroom collaboration is all about working as a team on an academic project. Whether it is about sharing notes, communicating with teachers or exchanging idea, classroom collaboration plays a vital role in achieving desired results while working on a project. However, the essence of classroom project is dependent on educational tools that can enhance learning experience.

A project is a big responsibility that comes with zillions of tasks. For students, the challenge of synchronizing activities and working as a team is the biggest hurdle in the process. Luckily for students, there are productive tools and resources that make their job easy by simplifying collaboration.

Let’s unfold 14 of these classroom collaboration tools that make it a more manageable task:

  1. Bubble.us
    Bubble.us is a handy brainstorming application for students to create mental images of their topic that they can share with others. Using this app, students can create thought bubbles that any of the other class mates can edit to synchronize idea generation activity. Its mobile app keeps students on the same page even if they are away.
  1. Google Drive
    Google makes classroom collaboration simpler and easier with Google Drive. This application enables students to store documents and worksheets that they can make changes using their own workspace. Google Drive empowers students to access their project files on the go in a matter of seconds.
  1. Twitter
    Students account for a significant number of amount of Twitter activity. This micro-blogging website is both fun and educational for students. Using Twitter, students can avail rapid sharing of information using hashtags and topic mentions. The podium is a gateway to an unlimited number of educators and scholars who can help students on a project.
  1. Skype
    Skype is a smart online chatting application that allows multiple users to video chat in real-time. This application provides a respite for students who are unable to attend an important project activity. Skype also offers “Skype for Education” which gives students an easy access to educational resources.
  1. Edublogs
    This powerful education blogging tool is primarily meant for teachers who can invite students to start productive discussions on matter of interests. For students, this platform is a resource to learn ideas and share them with their class mates.
  1. Prezi
    Want to instantly share ideas with your classmates? Then Prezi is here to serve the task. Prezi breathes life to your ideas with pictures and sounds. It allows students to create interactive presentations about a topic to kick-start brainstorming sessions in order to generate ideas.
  1. Evernote
    Evernote is one of the most widely-used tools for project collaboration. It helps students make notes of anything they search. The app even takes a digital image of every resource students go through in a research session. Its sharing features allow students to make every resource available to other class mates.
  1. Hoot.me
    Hoot.me is a Facebook app that allows students to engage in group discussion. The application offers students a fun way to share thoughts on a project through video chat. The tool also enables students to tap into knowledge of their teachers by participating in Q& A sessions.
  1. Moodle
    Moodle is a learning management system that gives students more control in a project with a website. By creating a website, students are able to make their classroom project more functional as they can easily store documents, share ideas and have conversations with their group mates using a single platform.
  1. Cacoo
    Cacoo is a classroom collaboration tool that comes handy for students in creating graphic data – flow charts, graphs, tables, mock ups – that they can share and edit in real-time. The application can be integrated with any application where students can see every change in the data.
  1. Podio
    The most versatile collaboration tool for students, Podio gives students a freedom to streamline their project with ease of mobility. This high-end collaborative tool empowers students to do practically everything for classroom collaboration, whether it is initiating group discussions, setting time schedules or storing files etc.
  1. 81dash
    81dash.com is a chat service for students. However, it is more than just a chatting tool as students can maintain an entire array of their documents on this podium – notes, files, to-do lists. The chatting facility also gives teachers privileges of monitoring activities of students while they work on a classroom project.
  1. Google Groups
    Google Groups is a Google app for students to find other groups of students with similar interests. The application enables students for classroom collaboration as they can collaborate with other students working on the same project. Using Google Groups, students can even share conversations through web-based interface or email.
  1. Producteev
    Producteev is a task-management app that students can use for multiple purposes. Using this tool, students can set specific targets, delegate tasks as well as pace an activity with a time schedule. The app also features activity alerts to inform students about completion of task without them needing to check emails again and again.

Project management is a team work that involves endless tasks. Using these classroom collaboration tools will help you manage more of your activities in less time while you are busy working on a project.


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