Web Wednesday, January 6th – VideoNot.es

Weekly Tech Tips for Teachers - VideoNot.es


Online videos have become a mainstay in modern classrooms. YouTube, Vimeo, Coursera, Khan Academy are all fantastic resources to use when explaining a concept or idea.  Additionally, there are so many videos and services available that teachers can almost certainly find one that fits their needs.This week’s Web Wednesday is an web site that takes those videos to the next level.

VideoNot.es allows students can use take notes in a separate window while watching online content.  When the student goes back to review their thoughts, VideoNot.estakes them to the exact part of the video they were watching when they made the note.VideoNot.es syncs with Google Drive automatically.  Additionally, students (or teachers) can invite others to see or edit their notes with other with a simple click of the share button.

Start 2016 of right with this helpful site!