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Best Essay Writing Tools for Teachers

Best Essay Writing Tools for Teachers
Best Essay Writing Tools

Guest Post by Robert Morris
Universities have a reputation to maintain. They are constantly being listed among the top educational institutions in the world, so you cannot expect any special treatment. The high standards are applied to academic writing as well. Students have to work on several types of projects for a single course. You’ll need discipline and focus, as well as proper tools that will help you get better results. These 7 online resources will help you complete better essays!

Plagiarism is a serious violation of academic writing standards. It’s always recommended to check your essays with this online tool before submitting them for final evaluation. Plagtracker will highlight sentences and phrases that appear on other websites, so you’ll be able to change them in order to avoid plagiarism. This is also an editing service that will help you make the papers flawless!

This is a custom writing  service that helps students get the content they need, regardless of the deadline. You can collaborate with writers, who understand the academic writing standards and can help you complete decent content that meets every professor’s expectations. The website’s blog is a great source of tips for students who want to boost their writing skills.

This is a tool that enables teachers to evaluate academic writing. Why is it important for students? It enables them to get unbiased evaluation! When professors read essays, they cannot detach themselves from their personal opinions. If you suggest this evaluation tool, they will be able to offer more objective feedback. Plus, it will make their job much easier, so they will certainly be eager to use it.

Ashford University is one of the few educational institutions that try to make things easier for their students. At its website, you’ll find an automated thesis statement development tool that will help you cover the most important part of the essay writing process. You’ll need to state your topic, as well as the main idea for your paper. Then, you’ll provide strong reasons that support the main idea. The tool also asks you to include an opposing viewpoint to your opinion, as well as a possible title. Finally, the Thesis Generator will launch a ready-to-use thesis statement.

You have to conduct a decent online research if you want to write an outstanding essay. You’ll find tons of resources, so there is always a risk to get lost in all that information. You can solve that problem when you add the Mnemonic button to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. You’ll be able to clip any page that’s important for your project. You’ll also be able to write notes and organize the materials as you collect them.

If you get an awesome idea during the research process, but you don’t note it down, you’ll most probably forget all about it by the time you start writing the paper. Don’t allow that to happen! Simplenote is a light, clean, and free tool for the web, Mac, iOS and Android. It enables you to take notes on any device, organize them and find them quickly by using simple tags. You’ll be able to share your notes or publish them online. That feature makes Simplenote an excellent tool for team projects.

Online distractions can prolong the process of essay writing more than you can imagine. You may find yourself spending hours on your computer without completing a single paragraph. Anti-Social blocks distracting websites! All you need to do is identify the sites that make you unproductive, and the tool will prevent you from accessing them. Of course, you’ll time the distraction-free sessions, so you’ll be able to spend some time on social media when you’re done with the paper.

It’s important to understand that you can become a better essay writer if you try hard enough. If you approach the project with optimism and you use the right tools, you’ll have a fantastic paper that you can be proud of.


Robert Morris is an online tutor from NYC. He loves travelling, yoga and education. Follow Robert on Google+!

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