FREE Chrome Extensions for Teachers – 16 for 2016

Chrome Extensions for Teachers
Our first list, 15 FREE Awesome Chrome extensions for education, was a crowd favorite back in June. We decided to round out 2015 with another 16 chrome extensions for teachers.  They can all be found in the Chrome Web Store. Each one gives a description of who would use it and what they might use it for in the classroom.  Enjoy!

    1. Draftback

      Draftback Chrome Extension
      What is it:
       Renders Docs revisions as a video so you can see how a doc was created.
      Who should use it: Teachers who want to see how a document came together.  It’s great to see a student’s thought process, but equally as awesome as a tool to combat plagiarism.

    2. BlackMenu

      Black Menu Chrome Extension
      What is it: Quick access to all areas of your Google account (docs, drive, gmail, calendar, etc.)
      Who should use it: Teacher and students who use the Google Apps for Education suite of products.  This handy tool makes it easy to see all aspects of your Google life.

    3. Tab Scissors

      Tab Scissors Chrome Extension
      What is it: Split one session of Chrome into multiple tabs.  You can choose 2×2 or 4×4.
      Who should use it: This one is great for both teachers and students, especially when dealing with data entry.  You can use it to split your screen into two windows.  One with the data you are working with, the other with the sheet you are entering it in.

    4. Tab Glue

      Tab Glue Chrome Extension
      What is it: The companion extension to Tab Scissors.  Tab Glue reconnects your split screen into a traditional one.
      Who should use it: Basically anyone using Tab Scissors is going to want this extension too.

    5. Fluency Tutor

      Fluency Tutor Chrome Extension
      What is it: Fluency Tutors helps teachers who are working with struggling readers by making reading aloud more enjoyable.  Way too many features to touch on here.  This is an incredible FREE app.
      Who should use it:  Teachers working with students on their reading skills.  This one is fantastic for ESL students as well.

    6. Coggle

      Coggle Chrome App
      What is it: Unique idea /mind mapping tool that creates visually pleasing diagrams without all the clutter.
      Who should use it:  This is another app that is great for both students and teachers.  Students can use it to map out an idea or concept for an assignment or presentation.  Teachers in almost any content area can create Coggles to drive deeper discussion by subtly revealing different aspects of a map.

    7. Pear Deck

      Pear Deck Chrome Extension
      What is it: Classroom presentation tool where students follow along on their own device and respond to questions along the way.
      Who should use it:  Teachers looking to obtain real time feedback from their students.  Awesome for a 1:1 classroom.  Launch Pear Deck and asks students to join your presentation.  From there, students follow the presentation at their desk and respond to questions embedded in the presentation.  There is a premium version with lots of nice features, but the free one is good too!

    8. Chem Reference

      What is it: Detailed periodic table of elements.
      Who should use it: Teachers, students, basically anyone working with the elements.  This reference chart is such an amazing resource to have at your fingertips.

    9. Docs Quickly

      Docs Quickly Chrome Extension
      is it: Adds a shortcut next to the URL bar to quickly create a new Doc, Spreadsheet, etc.
      Who should use it: Students and teachers looking to save time.  It’s quite a time saver when you are looking to quickly start a new doc.  It’s much quicker that clicking through eight tabs to find the one with drive open.

    10. Ginger

      Ginger Chrome Extension for Educators
      What is it: Grammar and spelling checker for Chrome.
      Who should use it: Students looking for extra help in both spelling and grammar.   The tool is great for catching those little mistakes that a standard spell checker won’t.  I started using it when I wrote this post and I’m truly impressed.  The free version is limited to how many corrections can be made in a week though.

    11. Cite This For Me

      Cite This For Me Chrome Extension for Teachers
      What is it: As the pic says, it’s an easy, one click source citing tool with multiple style options.
      Who should use it: This is another extension that can be useful to any student.  The extension will cite sources and create a bibliography with those sources.  It’s incredibly easy to use and to change the formatting style.

    12. Extensity

      Extensity Chrome Extension for Teachers
      What is it: Extensity is an extension to manage all your extensions.
      Who should use it: Anyone who is reading this post.  If you use quite a few extensions, chances are they might conflict at times.  If nothing more, those unused extensions are sucking up your memory.  Extensity allows you to quickly turn off extensions when they are not needed.

    13. BeeLine Reader

      BeeLine Reader Chrome Extension for Teachers
      What is it: Alternates the color of text on a web page for faster reading and comprehension.
      Who should use it: Teachers and students.  BeeLine seems like a novelty at first, but after using it for a few days, I found myself reading faster.  I can be a little difficult to get used to though.

    14. 1 Click Timer

      1 Click Timer Chrome Extension for Teachers
      What is it: Sleek, easy to use timer.
      Who should use it: Teachers.  Don’t overlook the simplicity of this extension.  Often times, teachers give students “10 minutes” to get a task done.  1 Click Timer allows teachers to set a time and then push the timer to a new tab.  Teachers can display that tab to the whole class so everyone knows how much time is left on the clock.  Again, a simple, but effective tool we had to include in our chrome extensions for teachers.

    15. Open Dyslexic

      Open Dyslexic Chrome Extension for Educators
      What is it: OpenDyslexic replaces fonts on web sites with one that some dyslexic people find easier to read.
      Who should use it: Anyone who is living with Dyslexia. Students (and teachers) may find this free extension helps to increase the readability of web sites.

    16. Web of Trust (WOT)

      Web of Trust Chrome Extensions for Teachers
      What is it: Web of Trust is an extension that checks a sites reputation and provides visual indication if a site is considered safe.
      Who should use it: Teachers and students.  WOT is fantastic for helping anyone staff safe online.  It uses the web community to provide color coded rankings on a site’s reputation. This tool comes in handy when teaching students about Internet research and as well as digital citizenship (and the importance of reputation).

Looking for more chrome extensions for teachers? Check out our first list, 15 FREE Awesome Chrome extensions for education.  Got a favorite you didn’t see?  Let us know in the comments below.