Top 10 Tools For College Students Which Make Life Easier

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Top 10 Tools For College Students Which Make Life Easier

Guest Post by: Michael McPherson

As a student, you have plenty to do and to fit into your years in full-time education. However, there are tools on the Internet for your mobile device and your desktop device that will save you time, improve your productivity, and improve your efficiency. Here are some of the most popular student-friendly tools. You should try them and see if you can weave them into your student life and/or daily routine.

Time-Optimizing Tools

This tool will help you get rid of your old habits and develop positive ones that help you on your daily routine and with your studying. Play your life as if it is a game. As part of the games console generation, you will find it oddly satisfying to play and win with the tool. You can also use it on the iOS and Android operating systems too, which means you can take the tool with you on your mobile device.

This is a task-tracking tool that you may use on the Android and iOS as well as on your desktop computer. It allows you to plan your day with a to-do list, and it has recurring functions too, so that you may set up your daily and weekly tasks automatically. You may also collaborate with other people to get tasks done as a group.


Tools that Help You Get Good Grades

Conduct research and take notes with this tool. It can help shift your entire workload paradigm and plan the classes you are going to attend. You can make yourself a more productive note taker and researcher, and you can visualize your ideas and plans as well as put them into projects that you set out with actionable tasks. It is a handy tool especially at the beginning of the term when you don’t know your class schedule yet.

Many students use this tool when they want their essays written for them without the fear of plagiarism or rewriting. It is all done online. You simply make your order, and when the deadline approaches, you get your completed essay back. There is no need to talk to a salesperson, and you can hand over any part of your essay, be that all of your essay, or the section with which you are having trouble. You may also get a no-obligation quote too.

Scientific Research
This is a commonly used tool that helps replace Wikipedia in the scientific world. It features a great deal of scientific and academic sources, some of which will be considered as credible resources for your essays. Filter the results to find what you need, and you can learn from it or reference it.


Tools that Help You Save Money

Your professors may have already recommended this tool for you. It allows you to buy your textbooks if you are on a limited budget. If you use their online service, you may save up to 90% compared to if you bought the paper version of the book. There are renting schemes where the content of the book is locked after your term is up, but there is nothing stopping you from taking screen print copies of other people’s textbooks to save you paying for them.

Many students use this tool to find deals and discounts applicable to students. Unlike the usual discount website, this website and tool is exclusively aimed at students. It is not a website that other people can use to get discounts on things such as fashion, textbooks, equipment and so forth. If correctly used, it can save money on items that you “have” to buy for school or college.

Free Book Notes
There is a library of over 44,000 books, study guides and summaries within this tool. If you have a project due, it is worth taking a look at the notes within this tool because there may be a section dedicated to your project. It is not unlikely that you will find something, as many teachers and professors will repeat the same content on their courses year-after-year because it is on their curriculum. 

Tools and Apps that Keep You Fit

My Fitness Pal
People use this tool to help them keep fit and maintain a regular exercise routine. There are plenty of students that find this tool handy for keeping fit and staving off the tidal wave of tubby that comes from eating junk food and being forced to sit down most of the day whilst studying and/or in lessons.

Keep your mind fit with this classic brain-training tool. It is something you can play with when you are waiting for lessons to start or you have a little spare time. It will do you more good than playing games on your mobile phone will. Use it every now and again.

Guest Post by: Michael McPherson
Michael McPherson is a graduate student from Boston University, freelance blogger and a regular contributor at essay service. You may follow him on Twitter: @McPhersy

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