Web Wednesday, Oct 21st – Draftback


Google Docs seem to be everywhere now a days. The ease use, accessibility, and collaboration make them the tool of choice for document creation in education. Students are collaborating on a shared document is a fantastic way to those “life after high school’ skills.  Unfortunately for teachers, trying to determine who did what on a document can be cumbersome.  Google gives you the tools to see the revision history. Draftback brings that history to life.

Draftback is a Chrome extension that indexes the revision history of a document then allows you to watch a video of the doc being created.  You can watch as a document goes from a blank page to the final version that was submitted for a grade.  This is helpful on two fronts:

1. Clicking the document graph and statistics will show you exactly how much time each student spent creating the file.  This makes it very easy to see who participated in a group assignment.

2. Think a student plagiarized something?  You can watch to see if large portions of text were pasted onto the document from an outside source.  This is a great way to keep the student’s honest.

Check out Draftback today!

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