Web Wednesday Sept 9th


Fan Favorite – Snipping Tool

Past Web Wednesday’s have focused on software you can use to capture videos of what you see on your computer screen.  Tools like Screencastify, Jing, andScreencast-o-matic to name a few.  Videos are great, but what if you only need a picture.  There are several applications built into Windows that can do this for you.  In my opinion though, the Snipping Tool is the easiest.

This Windows Snipping Tool has been a part of Windows for almost 13 years, but it is always overlooked. It can be found on your Start Menu.  Click Start, then in the run section, type Snip and hit enter.  When the application opens, click the “New” button to create a new snip.  Then, highlight the area of the screen you want to capture by clicking and dragging a box around it.  The application will brighten the area you have selected and dim out the rest so you can see exactly what will be captured.   Once you have the selection highlighted, release the mouse click.  You’ll be presented with a picture that you can save and reuse.

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