Web Wednesday, September 2nd



Creating a mind map is a fantastic way to graphically organize information or ideas. The web is filled with countless application that can be used to design these maps, but one stands heads above the rest. Coggle is a simplistic, yet elegant tool for organizing ideas and visualizing the connections between them.

Coggle is free, web based, and integrates with Google Drive. Once you get logged in. you can begin designing your first mind map.  Start by typing a main idea, then add subtopics as branches off of the original one. The apps then adds sleek, colorful connections between the topics. Coggle is collaborative by nature.  You can invite others to edit your work simply by entering their email address.

While it is free to use, there are some premium features for a nominal fee of $5 per month.  Those features include making your designs private, adding images, and a presentation mode.

Spend some time with Coggle today
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