Web Wednesday, Aug 26th

Just Fake It

Many students use social media coupled with texting as their primary form of communication with their peers.  As a teacher, one fantastic way to engage your students is to communicate information in a way that they are used to.  There are some great tools that allow you and your students to mimic tweets, posts, and texts right inside a web browser.

Simulated Tweets:
Lesson Idea: Have students create a series of fictitious tweets from people who would have been in the audience at the Gettysburg address then share them with the class.

Fake Facebook Status Updates
Lesson Idea: Ask students to create Facebook status updates for characters at various key points in a in a novel.

Tricky Text Messages
Lesson Idea: Use the SMS generator tool to develop a conversation between two historical figures discussing an event.  For example, two World War I generals discussing troop deployments for the coming weeks.  You can even take this a step further and imagine how a global event would have played out if modern technology such as texting had existed.


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