Web Wednesday, July 10th

Weekly Technology Tip

Permanent Clipboard

It can become frustrating when you have to copy and paste the same sentence or phrase over and over again.  There’s an extension for Chrome designed to save you time by allowing you to create a bank of phrases you commonly use.

  • First, start by installing Permanent Clipboard in Google Chrome.
  • Then click the icon in the upper right hand corner of Chrome to begin.
  • Simply give the phrase a name and then type out what you want to appear when you select that name.

Where does this come in handy? Imagine you’re adding comments to a set of Google docs.  You find yourself cutting and pasting similar comments on each student’s work.  Using permanent clipboard, you could save those comments and then paste them with ease by right clicking your mouse and selecting the comment to paste.  Take a few minutes to install it and check it out.


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