Weekly Technology Tip

There are times when you need to share a large file with friend or colleague.  The file or files are just too big so using email isn’t an option.  Videos are a great example of something that can be too bulky to email.   The easiest way to solve this problem is to use Google Drive.  Simply create a folder, upload your file to that folder, and then share the folder with whoever needs access.

Similarly, someone from outside of the district who doesn’t use Google drive may be trying to send you an oversized file.  If this is the case, point them to WeTransfer.com.  WeTransfer allows anyone to upload a file or files up to 2gb in size for free. Once the files have been uploaded, you provide the site with your email address, the email address of who you are sending the files to, and a short message.  They’ll receive an email at the address you provided with a link to download the files.  The links are usually active for about two weeks and then the files are deleted from the server.  This is a safe, free solution to solve this pesky issue.