Weekly Technology Tip

Are you looking for an easy way to create a video to capture what you see on your screen?  For example, you might want to create a quick video explaining a process to your students such as submitting an assignment through Google Classroom.  There is a free app on the Chrome Web Store that is perfect way to solve your problem.  Check out Screencastify.  The extension installs with ease and with a few clicks you can begin recording. You can capture video from a tab in Chrome, from your webcam, or from the entire desktop.  When you’re done, you have the option of saving directly to Google Drive or to your local machine.  If you choose Google drive, it then provides you with an easy link for sharing.  Screencastify will also use your microphone if you want to record yourself explaining what is happening on the screen.    This is an amazing, free utility you can use inside of Chrome on your laptop or on a Chromebook.

Screencastify on the Chrome Web Store.