Summer Learning Series: 7 Free Math Websites for Kids

SUMMER LEARNING SERIESVisits to the beach, ball games, and outdoor picnics are sure to happen this summer for you and your family. What also has been known to happen over summer is a slight or moderate slide in math skills your child has been taught through the previous school year.  While it’s important that your child gets a break from the day to day stresses of school, you also need to make sure that the summer does not bring about a loss of retention of math skills. The sites below are perfect for a busy family to incorporate daily into a child’s summer routine to remediate, secure, or even surpass current grade level mathematical skills.  

These math websites for kdis are perfect for parents to identify your own children’s weaknesses and strengths. The more your child plays on these programs, the more accurate the data, which can be easily passed on to next year’s teacher! Several of the programs below adapt to your child’s specific needs and track progress with every question answered!

Sumdog: As a parent, you can create a free login for your child! This program is game-based and can be played with friends that are on at the same time. Children truly love Sumdog for its quick pace, motivating games and coin rewards. Children advance as they master skills in a math strand. Weekly updates are emailed to parents.

MobyMax: As a parent, you can sign up your child under homeschooling for free. MobyMax has three sections to practice math; Fact Mastery, Numbers (which uses an abacus to teach adding and subtracting of large numbers), and Math. MobyMax is a complete K-8 curriculum based on the common core. You have the ability to monitor your child’s growth and have real data on a grade level equivalent. If a child is struggling, a video or lesson is displayed to give hints on how your child can answer the problems independently.

Frontrow: Frontrow is an adaptive program that takes your child through the common core standards to ensure mastery is achieved. Frontrow has 1000’s of videos attached to problems to assist children in being independent and confident. This program is free for teachers, so ask your child’s teacher to create a free account before the year is over to take advantage of this highly effective program.

Hoodamath: Hoodamath is all games and practice for kids needing to secure foundational skills. Create a free login and have your child practice the skills you have selected for them. The skills and games can be grade specific and include addition, subtraction, multiplication, addition, geometry, basic physics, fractions, integers, and algebra.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is a brilliant online site, which truly helps children understand math concepts and learn at their own pace. Creating a login for your child helps keep them accountable and motivated to work through the lessons. Visual learners will love this site because videos are the core instructional method.

YouTube: Youtube is a trademark online to find just about anything, which includes math videos. If your child is having difficulty with certain skills, all it takes is a quick search to find a video to provide guidance. A few favorite channels are Math Antics, The Video Math Tutor, LearnZillion and Mathademics.

MathPlayground: Math Playground is a safe site for math games, logic puzzles, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and a variety of problem solving activities. Use the Thinking Block Section for your child to practice story problems by using drag and drop model drawing tools.

By Laura Heintz