10 EdTech Blogs To Follow

Ed Tech Blogs REachingFinding quality EdTech resources can be a challenge.  In recent searches, I’ve found many lists like this but they seem to be out of date.  Some of the blogs on those lists haven’t been updated in years.  Outdated content is basically worthless in an industry that is constantly changing.  What are some edtech blogs to follow?  Let’s look at some high quality sites that you should check out.

Here’s a list of 10 Educational Technology blogs to follow that are updated often.

  1. MoreThanATech.com – Its my list so I get to be first, right?  On a serious note, check back for weekly articles and posts about educational technology from an administrative point of view.
  2. Ed Tech Roundup – This site is awesome.  Its got a weekly podcasts, application reviews, and even EdTech lesson plans for teachers.   The site is updated frequently so be sure to stop by often.
  3. Free Tech for Teachers – Richard updates his website almost daily.  The site contains so many helpful tools, how to’s, reviews, and links to applications you can begin using in your classroom tomorrow.
  4. Brilliant or Insane –  Self described as Education on the Edge, this blog covers a wide variety of topics ranging from hot topics in education to how to build better assessment tools.  The posts are insightful and thought provoking.  This one is a “can’t miss”.
  5. Off The Record  – Created by a faculty member of the University of Windsor, Doug Peterson openly shares his thoughts on the educational landscape.  The site is updated almost daily with his OTR links (Off the record links) to resources on the web.
  6. My Paperless Classroom –  Sam Peterson gives his views and reviews on a wide variety of educational topics. One of my favorite parts of this blog is the reviews of recent EdTech books.  While the site doesn’t get updated daily, its still good for several quality posts each month.
  7. Ed Tech Digest – This is more of a traditional website than just a blog.  The site has its own original content on cool tools and trends in education.  In addition, you’ll find links to videos, case studies and much more.  They’ve even created annual awards in a number of categories for including assessment tools, classroom hardware and communication!
  8. Ask A Tech Teacher –  Tech tips, curated lists, and app reviews make up most of the content on this helpful website.  There are resources galore on this site, categorized by grade level, event, device, etc!
  9. Tom Murray – Founder of “#EdTechChat” on Twitter and former district Technology Director, Tom now serves as State and District Digital Learning Policy and Advocacy Director for the Alliance for Excellent Education.  Now that’s a title!  Tom’s position gives him a unique insight into how technology is affecting education.
  10. My Island View – Similar to Tom Murray’s site at #9, Tom Whitby’s blog doesn’t contain reviews of tools or sites.  Tom uses this space to share his views on the world technology in education.  Post such as “Education Based on Snapchat” and “Do Educators Eat Their Young?” are written to get the reader thinking differently about education.

Do you have a site that you think should have made the list?  Let me know in the comments below.


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    1. The honor is all mine. Thank you for creating your site. Its a treasure trove of resources!

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