Technology Advocate

In my book, I discuss the use of Technology Advocates as a way to facilitate communication between the Office of Technology and Information Systems and the staff at his or her building.  An effective Technology Advocate is someone with strong communication skills and who has the respect of his or her colleagues.  The Technology Advocate needs to be able to communicate with both the Office of Technology & Information Systems and their colleagues about various technology projects and plans.   A Technology Advocate does not need to be the most tech-savvy person in the building, but a good understanding of technology is very helpful.

The job description for a Tech Advocate is listed below.  The position works best, in my opinion, when it is a paid supplemental contract that is renewed each year by the building principal and technology director.

Title: Technology Advocate
Reports to: Building Principal
Job Objective: Troubleshoot basic technology issues within building, facilitate classroom technologies with staff, have an active voice on technology issues with Principal, Staff, and Director of Technology.
– Minimum two-year teaching experience
– Basic computer troubleshooting skills


Essential Functions:


  • Act as a front line of defense for common technology issues in your building. This could include but not limited to: power issues, internet issues, printing, and general questions regarding technology.
  • Facilitate the district’s vision for technology to your building.
  • Send emails to staff regarding known technology issues throughout the building.
  • Send professional development emails that could include tips on using technology.

Professional Development

  • Promote newly implemented technologies to other teachers and staff through email, social media, and word of mouth.
  • Attend district technology related events when possible.
  • Implement the newest forms of educational technologies in your classroom setting.



  • Communicate with stakeholders, such as colleagues, building principal(s), Director of Technology, and other advocates on key technology issues.
  • Work with Principal(s) to schedule and present on technology items at staff meetings.
  • Attend Technology Advocate Meetings when scheduled and be prepared to discuss the following:
    • – Building issues
      • Current projects
      • Your vision for technology in the district
      • Purchases
      • Classroom experiences


  • Work closely with the Principal(s) to:
    • Keep him/her informed regarding efforts, projects, feedback, etc.
    • Present on technology items at staff meetings
    • Provide information regarding implementation of technology planning and projects.
    • Follow-up on technology decisions
    • Provide accurate, substantive feedback in a timely manner
  • Work closely with the Technology Director to:
    • Keep him/her informed on building level issues
    • Request assistance as needed
    • Present your buildings ideas and thoughts regarding technology
    • Request new technologies
    • Implement the District Technology Plan at your building