EdTech Blog Directory


Here’s a list of EdTech blogs worth checking out!  Many of these blogs update daily. Personally, I try to review all of them on a weekly basis. You’ll find classroom tech tips, app ideas, product reviews, thoughts on educational issues, etc.

Updated: 12/29/17

Tech Integration Educational Leadership
Control Alt Achieve  Thomas Murray
Virtual Giff  My Island View
Jake Miller  Brilliant or Insane
Sustainable Teaching  Off the Record
Diary of a Not So Mad Instructional Coach!  EdTech Digest
Shake Up Learning
Ask a Tech Teacher
Time to Talk Tech
Educational Technology Guy
My Paperless Classroom


Looking for more?  Eric Curts over at Control Alt Achieve has created a list of 50 EdTech blogs to follow.  You can check that out here!

Interested in becoming part of the list?  Check out the Contact Page for more information.



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