15 FREE Awesome Chrome Extensions for Educators

Here’s our list of 15 FREE Awesome Chrome extensions for education.  These are great for students and teachers alike!  They can all be found in the Chrome Web Store.  Each one gives a description of who would use it and what they might use it for in the classroom.  Enjoy!

    1. Raindrop.io

      What is it:
      Really sleek bookmark manager.
      Who should use it: Students or teachers looking to save more than just the bookmark, but the content itself with collections, tags, smart search, and more.

    2. Pixlr Editor


      What is it: Browser based image editor with a wide variety of tools, filters, etc.
      Who should use it: Anyone looking to do advanced image editing on a Chromebook or in a browser window.

    3. Desmos Graphing Calculator


      What is it: Advanced graphing calculator that runs via the web.
      Who should use it: Anyone looking to do advanced mathematics or graphing equations on a Chromebook or in a browser window.

    4. Grammarly


      What is it:Extension that checks for hundreds of common grammar mistakes.
      Who should use it: Everyone.  Who wouldn’t want their writing to have proper grammar?


    5. EdPuzzle


      What is it: Quickly embed questions into web videos then track student’s understanding of the content.
      Who should use it: Teachers looking to engage their students through video.  EdPuzzle is an easy tool to integrate into your lessons. 

    6. Screencastify


      What is it
      : Record your screen (both video and audio) through the Chrome Web Browser .
      Who should use it: This is perfect for teachers or students that are creating “how to” videos.  This extension was covered in a recent Web Wednesday post as well. 

    7. Clearly (no longer supported)


      What is it
      : Removes images, ads, and other junk from posts so you can read them clearly.
      Who should use it: Students and teachers.  This handy extension quickly removes unnecessary items from an article making it much easier to read.  You can even save it to Google Drive to read later.  This works well for students who easily get distracted.

    8. ExitTicket

      What is it: Web based student response system for formative assessments or exit slips.
      Who should use it: Teachers looking for an speedy way to assess student comprehension. This is ideal for 1:1 environments.

    9. Any.Do

      What is it
      : Simple, well design To do list for Chrome.
      Who should use it: Students looking to get better at managing their hectic schedules.  

    10. Padlet

      What is it
      : A blank wall that allows you and your collaborators to post text, images, links, or videos.
      Who should use it: Teachers creating projects that require students to display a variety of different media.  Think of it as an online cork board that you can pin things to. 

    11. Multi-Highlight

      What is it
      : Simple but effective web site highlighter tool
      Who should use it: Anyone looking to highlight with multiple colors.  Great for English teachers who are breaking down sentence structure.

    12. GoAnimate

      What is it
      : Easy to use video creation utility designed around animated characters.
      Who should use it: Students or Teachers.  You design characters, animate them, add your voice, etc.  Students in grade 3-6 will love this one.

    13. Quizlet

      What is it
      : Amazing study tool that allows students to study just about anything on any device.
      Who should use it: Students that need to brush up for an upcoming assessment.  The site includes games, quizzes, and tests on a broad scope of topics.

    14. Soundcloud

      What is it
      : Use this app to create recordings and then share them with ease.
      Who should use it: Teacher who want to capture audio and share it out.  This is great for foreign language teachers looking to help students improve their mastery.  Student can record their conversations, then play them back later to critique them.

    15. LucidChart

      What is it
      : Create flow charts, mind maps, diagrams and more.
      Who should use it: With its integration to Google Drive, this extension is allows students or teachers to easy create a wide variety of diagrams, chart, etc.  

Did we miss some great Chrome extensions for education ?  Let us know in the comments below.